And the road goes on forever...

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Bone Chilling

Marc arrived back Friday from his latest trip to the icebox of North Dakota and oversight of his projects. It’s become a very long, boring drive for him at this point but with many more on the horizon there won’t be any breaks. 

Saturday we decided to get some exercise on our lot despite temperatures that started in the minus realm. We also took time to obtain a post office box in the Waupaca P.O. and I was charmed to see the old boxes. We love the historical details of many of the buildings in this area.
We have a new and necessary toy for this climate—a snow blower—and Marc wanted to make sure I would know how to run it. He’s trying to keep a trail to the empty shed and a driveway cleared out so he finished up while I enjoyed standing in the cold sunshine. It was just nice to be outdoors and see it beaming.
For this year we have decided to place our garden in the mostly already fenced area adjacent to the shop. We figure even though the fence is short, it is solid so should keep rodents at bay and hopefully deter deer as well. We just have a little while until the snow melts to planting time….Meanwhile however; our apple trees look to be getting to the point where they may need pruning. We discovered a third one out front so we should be very well supplied with fruit come fall.
While we were working, we were approached by the owner of the two contiguous lots to the west of ours who is interested in selling. He is willing to take a sizeable loss since he purchased during the boom years and offered excellent owner terms at zero interest so we will likely buy the one immediately adjacent to ours, which is another full acre. It has an approved perk test and we figure we could do a well share with our current well so utilities should not be that onerous to install. If nothing else, at a giveaway price, it will serve as a good buffer for no close neighboring house and if things work out in the future it could give us development possibilities for either a spec house build or building a rental property.