And the road goes on forever...

Friday, July 27, 2012


Marc continues work on my mother’s roof, which was delayed when we first arrived due to afternoon thundershowers. Now it has turned hotter, so he tries to be off by 1 p.m., exhausted and with an aching back from bending over at the waist all morning working the nail gun. He figures approximately 9000 or more nails will go into this roof as he wants to make sure it meets high wind criteria and stays in place.  

Other than doing some shopping I can’t say as anything beyond my mouth has been very active while here! I have had much more time to devote to jewelry making but I am stymied in establishing a website due to lack of internet. Right now we are able to use my cousin’s Direcway dish but since he is a full timer, he could go on his way at any point. Since it looks like we may wander and not return to Yuma until the first part of September we are giving thought to what we can do for access. 

For several weeks I hemmed and hawed about making a very difficult decision regarding my services to the elderly. From all appearances, Marc’s projects with Chili’s remodels will continue, so the choice became to either consider joining him or stay behind in Yuma. I have worked long and hard to build my business to a successful level with some great clients that I enjoy immensely. It wasn’t an easy thought to give it all up. One can only wrestle and fence-sit with an opposing choice so long however, until it finally wears you out and you make a decision just to be done with it. 

Late this week I will be mailing out a letter letting everyone know that I am choosing to go on the road with my husband and they will need to find other help. Given that so many of my clients are in such dire straits by themselves, this was difficult to do. A part of me is full of regret and the other part is looking forward to new adventures in a different place every three weeks, even if it is in California! When we return to Yuma we’ll be transferring from the small fifth wheel into the big one where we can be much more comfortable living a mobile lifestyle.