And the road goes on forever...

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


I really don’t know why Marc and I ever bother to make plans since Murphy seems to always grab them by the throat and put the boots to them! The painters totally dropped the ball on his project and his boss did not issue a 72 hour notice in time so Marc will be stuck here struggling with this project-from-hell until the 10th. Instead of our planned leisurely pace up through California spending much needed time with friends and family, and our foray up the coast to Coos Bay, by the time we can leave here it will be necessary to go straight through to Bend or we won’t get any significant time with my mother and Marc won’t have the necessary time to do all her handyman repairs, including an entire re-roof of her house. Effectively, this snafu has also gobbled up nearly two weeks of my time off, which is set in stone so if I seem a little upset, yeah, I am.

One of the worst facets of this twist of fate is that Marc will have much down time stuck in this small trailer. This rig works fine for weekend camp trips where we spend much of our time outdoors engaged in activities but for two people and two cats, trying to be comfortable in here with the meager room and sitting accommodations is impossible. It is really little better than a truck camper with the same degree of (lack of) comfort. The park WIFI is so slow as to be virtually impossible to use most of the time so there is not even a good diversion via our computers. 
We do plan to try and hit the US Midway Museum in San Diego tomorrow so if all goes well with that I should have something to blog about soon. Happy 4th of July everyone; we hope your plans are going better than ours!