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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Immersion, the Hard Way

We had hoped for a little more free time to tour around when we arrived here and are glad we did get to do so our first weekend. We are not only learning a new system of surveying using a handheld personal palm device with the software program from hell, but none of our supervisors have been able to come up with much help in the way of any tutorials to use it. Consequently, it has been trial by fire since our arrival, with a steep learning curve, particularly for me. We spent several days in the field with another very nice tech as he surveyed with us tagging along working and inputting data into the PDA. The things are miserable to work with out in the sunlight and this process is about four times as complex and time consuming as the type of previous surveying we were trained to do.

Our weather this week hasn’t been cooperative to outdoor work either; extremely hot and humid with a heat index of 110. I had a real problem one day with it and nearly collapsed. It is amazing how much a person can sweat in high humidity; we soak through several towels we carry with us in a day and come home with our clothing wringing wet. Not fun in the least!

I just wanted to update our readers to the fact that we may not be able to do all the tourist things we had initially hoped and once my blogging about last weekend is completed by this coming weekend, it could be awhile between updates of anything fun. I know for sure with all the catch up we have to do this weekend that we are planning on sticking fairly close to home.