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Friday, April 16, 2010

Park Model Arrives

We were getting antsy waiting out the northern bad weather which delayed the arrival of the park model by a week but it finally showed up early Wednesday morning. The transport guy did an excellent job of guiding in the forty footer past the front planter, side block walls and privacy wall as though he were threading a needle. It did arrive with some damage to the interior but of Marc’s doing, as the mattress and box spring shifted badly, smacking the bank of drawers, breaking two beyond repair. Marc will need to make new ones.

Backed into its new spot, we immediately noted an enhanced mountain view, especially from the front deck and living room bay windows, gained from its higher stance and position on the lot. We liked that so much, that for the time being, we’ve decided to leave it there although that does eliminate our rental RV spot. We should have just enough room in front for visitor’s short stays however.

Since this could be a permanent location Marc decided it needed to be moved over about two feet to accommodate the side setback requirement of the lot. Ever the inventive one, Marc rigged a roller system on an old piece of trailer tongue, which he winched from the park model tongue to the end of the piece of steel and ratchet by ratchet, inch by inch, he moved the front of the park model over.

Having made the trip through Central Oregon’s red cinders, the park model arrived very filthy so my first order of business was getting her cleaned inside and out. Marc will leave tomorrow for Bend where he will pick up the storage shed which holds all the interior contents so when he returns in about a week we’ll have our work cut out for us.