And the road goes on forever...

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Loaded Up and Trucken'

Despite knowing he had very old tires on the flatbed trailer for his 20,000 pound load, Marc headed out Friday morning with two spares and didn’t even make it 165 miles to Burns, OR before he needed to buy four more old tires. The handwriting was already on the wall about the way this trip was going to go!

Four days and six flats later he finally arrived to our Yuma lot very tired and worn out, thoroughly disgusted with his trip. At least he made it here! Wait until you hear the rest of the story coming up; which I will do soon in another post.

On another note, don’t you agree road stories can be the best sort? Readers who have traveled through the middle of Nevada know there are several brothels along the way. As Marc was nearing Beatty and the flashing sign for Angel’s Ladies, he noted a big diesel pusher motorhome with cargo trailer attached pulled over in their driveway; obviously having spewed a major amount of oil behind it before pulling over. Marc stopped to ask if they needed help and the guy said the repair people had already been called but wouldn’t have the part until the following day shipped in from Las Vegas. In the meantime he figured he had better walk up to the brothel and inform them he would be spending the night in their driveway. Marc had a good laugh as the guy related that upon entering, he was immediately greeted by an African American with big breasts and a very skimpy outfit who inquired “Is this your first time with us?” and the guy started sputtering back “No, you don’t understand; my wife is with me….” Now that’s going to be a story that RVer will tell for a long, long time.