And the road goes on forever...

Sunday, January 31, 2010

These Gray Days

We’re home; well, as close to home as we get these days anyway…Coos Bay. With the boat tarped during our long absence, we unwrapped it to find a mess of mold, both inside and out, and rub marks from the ropes all along the aluminum rub rail. Our first day back was involved with cleaning and putting things away we had carted over from the RV since we intend to be here for at least a couple or three months.

Marc couldn’t wait much longer however, so by ten the second morning after cutting the tuna head bait on shore, we were out on the unnaturally calm waters of the bay dunking our crab pots and lurking above the honey holes. We got one limit our first pull and put all six pots down again for a second soaking. The very high tide had turned and was headed out so our second pull wasn’t quite so good but the last pot gave us our largest crabs of the day. We headed home knowing we would eat well that evening!

Yesterday we started the sad process of helping with Marc’s father’s things. I helped pack up garbage bags full of clothing and shoes and Marc attempted repair of their old and slow computer. Since it will have to be taken down to the empty stage and reloaded with an operating system and all software it will be a multi-stage process but at least Linn was able to get her email finally. We figure we will be at this at least a couple weeks, including some maintenance and small improvements to her house so an occasional day crabbing will likely be our only outlet. Our cat always enjoys the small leftovers!