And the road goes on forever...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Running on Empty

The days have become a blur of routine; but routine which seems to jump from crisis to crisis. My father suffered what was termed a TIA (transient ischemic attack) last week but the emergency room sent him home after only a couple hours. From there he rapidly went downhill into what was probably a full-blown stroke. He lost his ability to move, his ability to speak anything but gibberish and he slept non-stop and had trouble focusing when he was awakened. Throughout this ordeal my mother continues to insist she can handle his care 100% on her own.

Thankfully he has shown improvement since then but is still not back to where he was when he was initially released from the hospital. Everyone in the family seems to have a huge difference of opinion as to what should happen next and how future incidences should be handled. The “other side” is operating on the assumption he will somehow miraculously get better, be his old self, get up from his wheelchair and walk across the room “any day now”. I on the other hand, spent an entire day checking out assisted living facilities; all to no avail I might add. It has become more than I can bear to witness; it has become more than my own health can take.

So we are making preparations to leave soon. Marc is wrapping up a big project which I will try and blog about shortly and when that is finished I think we can head for Coos Bay. I think I’ve got enough fuel left in me to seek solace by the ocean.