And the road goes on forever...

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Relief is Spelled J-O-B

I haven’t said a lot about Marc lately because he was finalizing helping some friends with some projects in Yuma. Since last fall, he has been in contact with an investor whose group took back one of the projects Marc most recently worked on for his former employer in Clovis, New Mexico in ‘08. This week things came together for Marc to gain the Superintendent position to finish up that project for the investment group, which is expected to run three to four months.

Marc arrived in Clovis Friday morning and says the project is a complete mess, having sat vacant and unfinished for the past year. He says the list of things to do is so overwhelming he doesn’t know where to start but he knows one thing for certain: he needs his helpmate ASAP! Often times, I have helped Marc in the capacity as his laborer or project cleaner and he is in desperate need of such right now so it certainly makes sense to resign my position at WalMart and go join my husband as quickly as possible.

With that in mind, I plan to give notice to WalMart on Monday, of one week. In actuality, I hope they let me go before then as I will have some things to attend to here to close up the place, pack up what I will need and then head over to Bend to visit a couple days with my folks before hitting the highways through eastern Oregon on my way south nearly 1500 miles with my traveling companion cat Tucker.

I face the coming days with a fresh spirit and much anticipation of again being on project and working and living beside my husband. It’s about time!