And the road goes on forever...

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Given circumstances, the blog is going to probably be on hiatus for awhile. Firstly, we are still in Bend; Marc having arrived safely back from New Mexico; we have no internet here and we are thinking of doing a little camping at the mountain lakes this next week and maybe even longer. It is time for some introspection and re-evaluation of what comes next. To us, that means a few cold beers sitting in a lakeside campsite after a hard day’s fishing the mountain lakes around here.

To do so first requires a complete new set of batteries for our RV however, which will entail a $2000 expense for the big glass-mat AGMs and a trip to Portland. Alas, they don’t last forever and we last purchased them about eight years ago. Running two refrigerators and a big chest freezer on electric creates a huge draw on our 3000 watt inverter all day which lately has required running the generator way too much with weak batteries.

I guess when all else is loss, go on vacation, right? I’ll try and take lots of good pictures—it just may take awhile for you to see them.