And the road goes on forever...

Friday, January 12, 2024

Winter Follies


We followed our warmer than normal winter into the new year with bare grass and fairly mild temps. All that is changing now, with two major storms hitting this week, which should leave us with around a foot of snow on the ground by Saturday. I was just thankful for the break that we got for so long; it really helps psychologically to weather winter in the far north. 

I finally gathered and indexed all the art I had made for the shelter auctions, took pictures of it and wrote descriptions, then put it on a thumb drive for the shelter director to easily upload it to the auction site when it’s time. It’s a real smattering of items—from bookmarks, to wall art quilts, rope baskets and coasters, and decorative stitch pots, and I even threw in a few pair of newly fashioned earrings. Sixty-one items altogether and by my reckoning a value of around $900-1000. It will be wonderful if it all sells with generous offers. There will be enough to serve for several auctions, which she normally holds at least twice a year. 

Just recently I am moving more into experimenting with hand painting fabrics and embellishments to attempt more collage type art, also incorporating a lot of the momagami I’ve been crunching up.

Marc is busy making boot jacks and birdhouses but those won’t be finished for awhile yet. 

He's also taken on a project dearer to his heart; supervising a building project (but for free)! The shelter finally broke ground on a stand-alone surgery center and the director jumped at our offer for Marc to keep an eye on things and to check for deviations from the plans or in how things should be built. It’s really helped him to fill the long winter days, pouring over plans and specs, just as if he’s back in the business. He’s also worked on some minor repairs to their existing building because everyone knows how difficult it is to find a handyman these days who actually knows how to fix something!

I can’t think of anything else too exciting with us so it may be awhile before I post again; perhaps when the new building is finished this spring.