And the road goes on forever...

Saturday, September 10, 2022

Labor Day Festivities


We were so fortunate to enjoy spectacular weather over the holiday period, with several uninterrupted days full of sunshine. Hearing about a restaurant sponsored treasure hunt happening on Saturday on the three interconnected town lakes, I had signed us up thinking it would be a novel endeavor.

We launched at the free boat ramp on the first lake and made our way under the railroad and highway bridges, which with little clearance for our heads, always gives me the heebie-jeebies. Soon after, we turned off the engine, floated and had lunch while we awaited the one o’clock meeting time.

At one, we landed and I went up to get our instructions, along with various other boaters, many in costumes (for which there would be prizes awarded) themselves and their boats. I was amused as I watched from the deck to below as Marc tried to fend off the “Let’s Get Hammered” pontoon from bashing into ours. There was a total of 12 boats in the contest.  

I had misunderstood the premise of the thing, thinking the tokens we were to collect were reached without having to get off the boat so we spent the first hour and a half cruising without success. We finally learned that the tokens were hidden on a board in public places, which in this case meant some of the lake islands or the lakeside bar and grills. With other’s help, we finally managed to obtain three out of six in our allotted 3.5 hours of searching. Oh well, it was a beautiful day for cruising and joining in the joviality with the other boaters.


Back at the restaurant, we found that only two boats had obtained all six tokens so they received the best prizes. We ended up getting a bag with some Mardi Gra beads in it, now hanging in the RV as a remembrance of a truly fun day on the water. We finished up by ordering a pizza which we ate on the boat as the sun got lower in the sky.

The next day was our 34th wedding anniversary and I had suggested to Marc that we should celebrate with a dinner out on our own lake. It was another clear, warm day and we hit the water around four, anchoring off the lake’s lone island to shelter from the wind, set up and lit the BBQ to start the huge sweet onion to cooking. Later would come a steak and fresh farmer’s market corn. The sun was so low in the sky, we ended up hanging a blanket to give us some shade relief as we celebrated with a bottle of Korbel Brut. It was a unique and enjoyable way for us to celebrate.

Coming back in I got a gorgeous picture of our property from the water. This knob hill is the dry portion of our property. So gorgeous!

Holiday play time is over; it’s on with the show. The concrete contractor got the shop slab poured and Marc continues to work on gate posts and gate. The lumber package and roof trusses for the shop should arrive around the 19th of the month, which will be the next big thing to occur.

(In case you're wondering about those poles, they have to do with our water system. The orange pipe is the water outlet from the well head about 20 feet away. The other will go to our pressure tanks and water conditioner system. All will be enclosed in a small insulated room with everything easily draining back in winter so no pipes are left with any water to freeze if we go away and it makes it very convenient to winterize if we come and go.)