And the road goes on forever...

Monday, October 15, 2018

First Snow

Just a few days ago it was looking like Fall was about to reach its apex when a series of very windy, wet days ensued, knocking most leaves prematurely to the ground. So much for Fall....

So, this morning with temps running a good 15-20 degrees below normal, we woke to our first snow skiff. I really think we could be in for a blast of harsh winter weather this year with it coming on so soon. It's a good thing I already thought to locate the snow shovel!
I'm not sure what exactly brought about some changes at my place of employment but my primary tasks have been changed up. What could, I guess, be viewed as a demotion?: being pulled from the donut line, has turned out to be a Godsend of better hours and shifts. I now primarily will be packaging and pricing, which involves bagging buns and rolls, packaging cookies, pies, croissants and danish, and then dispersing them to their allotted shelf or table space. In addition, I still participate in the "pull" which involves going into the freezer to pull all the the donuts, buns, etc. and arranging them on their trays, which will be needed for the next day's baking. I'm just as busy so time flies, but I now get up at a more humane time to make the 7-10 a.m. shift. I like it! Occasionally, I guess when needed, I will still man the donut fryer and get messy with the frosting (I am slated for one early morning this week) but a new guy has been hired to fill that shift. 

I'm very happy with my little job and I look forward to going into see everyone and move so quickly for those few hours nearly every day. It keeps me from being a recluse and it's nice when I look at the bank account to see deposits of money I've earned mounting up. How else am I ever going to get that pontoon houseboat I'm yearning for?