And the road goes on forever...

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

It was not winter's last gasp as we had hoped. The morning after another big snowstorm dawned gorgeously still and quiet. I think they may be about done for the year with the possible exception of some flurries coming up late this weekend. This one didn’t last too long due to warmer ground temps and the ground shows up once again even though we got about 8 inches. 

This gives you an idea of what we are planning for our garden with the possibility of a few flowers thrown in around the house. The lawn area we tried to plant last year on our excavated ground turned into runaway crabgrass and clover so after killing it off this year I will need to start all over again. I’m looking forward to the upcoming days and weeks of warmer weather spent outside working on things. I’ve never really had a yard to develop and I never got into gardening at a younger age but am avidly looking forward to it at this point. We have lots of plans; now just to see if we can make them work out!
Marc is away in Bismarck, ND this week but managed to add a huge safety feature to his big saw so he no longer has to reach across by the running blade to guide a long piece of lumber. It’s quite cleaver, done with rollers and folds up out of the way when he is done. That man is so inventive!
I took advantage of his absence and visited Goodwill for more yard art project material so hope to have some photos of those by the time I blog again.