And the road goes on forever...

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Fall's Last Fling

It’s been fleeting this year; taking forever to get here due to the warm weather, gearing up slowly and muddling along with a few early birds then in the space of less than a week we went to full blown peak and beyond. The winds came up and the leaves are scattering ankle deep in yards so I made a trip around Waupaca in one last attempt to record this year’s colors. This was the view I had the last time I got gas at Fleet Farm; a colorful array on its way to glory.
The sun sits low in the sky already but gives off a golden glow this time of year; coupled with the temperamental winds and brisker temperatures it lends a feeling that it is definitely getting close to the hibernation season. Town even seems quiet and subdued; summer tourists long gone leaving streets to us locals. Even the boats weren’t out on the Chain of Lakes so nothing to disturb the crystal clear water and silt bottom.
The sandhill cranes have still been hanging around but appear to be gathering into larger and larger groupings before their migration south. I will miss their haunting calls as they fly low overhead.