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Monday, January 6, 2014

The Follies of Winter

Our new year has started with a bang of icy cold temps so it’s been a battle for Marc to try and keep the vehicles running. He returned from Yuma with the Dodge which he parked last night in front of the garage door blocking my car inside. His company car, a diesel Jetta, would not start this morning; in fact, the battery just rolled over and died, nor can he get the Dodge started. So the only car that might likely start, my Saturn, sits trapped inside the garage. I guess it’s a good thing I wasn’t planning on going anywhere today because this is what we are battling outside this morning: 
Things are back into the winter groove around here since Marc’s return and the holidays are out of the way. I’ve been spending lots of time researching properties and looking around the small community of Waupaca, which seems a good choice for our new home. In addition to considering building lots we have also started looking at resale homes. Waupaca is a charming town full of historic character homes but so far, they’ve all had some major issues which would require oodles of renovation and fix-up. 

I am likely driving my Realtor nuts, vacillating back and forth between things but this could be our forever home from here on out so we want to make the right choice. It’s particularly hard looking at things with snow covering everything and vegetation so barren but this is the better season for deals so I will keep up the pace with the search!