And the road goes on forever...

Monday, September 30, 2013

Eye Candy out My Door

While Wisconsin doesn’t have the heart-stopping spectacular kind of beauty found in certain parts of the world, it certainly contains plenty of bucolic charm and pastoral beauty in my opinion. Mine this past few days has been free and right out my door on my morning walks! Within just a few mornings I was noticing a decided difference in the amount of fall color; to the point I am figuring I had better make it out on some country drives this week for some photography lest I miss some of the most glorious examples, like this blazing tree in downtown Amherst. I was lucky to catch it from a second angle when all lined up for the perfect “red” shot—the tree, the old Chevy truck and the flag.
The weather this past Sunday was one of those take your breath away kind of days—perfect temp, perfect sky, perfect relaxing day. A stroll around town yielded quaint houses, more immaculate yards and temptress autumn just starting to strut her stuff.
From that, later in the day Marc and I enjoyed the free pig roast hosted by Ambrosia Pub & Grill, celebrating their 15th year with delicious pulled pork and about ten sides and dessert, with a rousting band playing outside to a cheery grouping of folks of all ages.
Right behind us in the Amherst Industrial Park is a small microbrewery making a name for itself—Central Waters Brewery. Wisconsin does like its beer and breweries and pubs are rampant. They specialize in primarily darker beers and Ambrosia carries one of them on draft. Now Marc and I aren’t usual patrons of drinking establishments but it seems to me at just $2 a pull for a freshly made microbrew that what they say about the affordable Midwest is all true. We can live with that!