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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Be Careful What You Wish For

Many fulltime RVers write that their plans are set in Jell-O and so it seems to go with us as well, even though we really don’t do all that much traveling beyond work-related trips. In my last blog I had written that we were attempting to purchase a lot in Florence but that in our heart of hearts, if not for winters, we really would love to live in Wisconsin. 

Remember what I’ve said previously about being careful what you wish for?

Out of the blue, Marc was contacted by a former work associate who heads up a large central Wisconsin firm. He led Marc to believe that they are searching for a possible Construction Manager to oversee their commercial division and he was fishing as to whether Marc might possibly have any interest. Given that this is a very stable firm and offers career positions, this took about a nano-second to decide. The firm was actually one of the subcontractors that Marc used when he did the Stevens Point assisted living project back in ’05.That’s quite awhile for them to remember him! 

Well, of course we said “YES!” 

Meanwhile, back here on the home front, some issues had cropped up on the lot during our seven day contingency inspection period. They were surmountable--“probably”, but had the potential to be very inconvenient and costly to us later. Given the recent development with that phone call out of the blue, we deemed it prudent to cancel our contract while we could still receive our deposit back. 

We are now in a holding pattern. We’re hopeful Marc will get some encouraging news from Wisconsin although there was no indication as to any kind of time frame that could be involved. It’s not a move we’d want to make in the dead of winter, that’s for sure! 

Even if nothing develops we’re glad we stepped back from the Florence purchase. There are other areas along Oregon’s coast we want to also investigate a little more fully and we’ve decided it also wouldn’t hurt to wait until we get our property in Yuma sold. More money always equals more flexibility in choices and we have the advantage of being able to store our stuff in our sea container on my mom's property for as long as it would take us to find another place. 

Meanwhile, we continue to have relaxing, salt-air filled days in this most beautiful place!