And the road goes on forever...

Thursday, January 31, 2013

This is the Life, Man

Ya see, Mom got me this cool new bed after feeling sorry to see me just laying on top the table on my flannel blanket. Now, it’s all marked up with my fur and I’m diggin’ it pretty good! Especially since the sun comes in and warms me up much of the day. Mom says that’s about all California is good for, is the wonderful weather. But I did hear her tell Dad that she likes this place much better than shitty southern California and that this camp is nice and there’s lots of shopping. I don’t like it when she goes shopping though, as I get something she calls “separation anxiety” when she’s away. Sometimes that makes me feel like shredding things like Kleenex and bags all over the floor. Heck, all I know is that when she returns I sure have to let her know how much I missed her!
We’ve been in this new spot for a few weeks in the foothills above Sacramento and I concur, from my point of view, it’s the best place they’ve landed me in since I was just a little tyke. Since the campground isn’t full, there are lots of empty spaces full of grass (and tables for perching) where Mom walks me twice a day. And boy, you should see all the birds! Holy cow, I get to spend so much time getting down my stalking techniques. And you should see how fast I can run up all the oak trees around here! I’d really show her how high I could go if she didn’t always have that stupid rope thing tying me back.
There are even pigeons that lose feathers and Mom lets me play with them until I get too carried away trying to eat the tasteless things. But I figure any part of a bird is good enough!
The best thing happened the other day when we found a dead mountain bluebird just laying there like it was meant for me to find. Now I really know how fun they are to play with and I’d sure like to get me one of them live ones. Mom says I had better enjoy all these trees and grass good because we are leaving soon and then we’ll be back home. That place has a few birds that I get to watch but every time I try and climb the tree out front it has these stickery things which poke my feet but good. Yeah, this has pretty much been kitty heaven—after my new bed of course!