And the road goes on forever...

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Settling In

I never tire of the blazing sunrises and sunset this state seems to offer up so
magnanimously. This morning Old Sol created virtual flames licking from the sky. In an attempt to get Mom out a little bit, I am back to feathering my nest. Or maybe tweaking it would be a better phrase. The old ice cream stool I purchased in Rapid City needed a plant and I decided the anti-gravity lounge chairs really needed some pillows to make them go from comfortable to “oh I don’t want to leave this spot” cozy in front of the fire pit. I was looking for some Mexican serape type material but will likely have to go into Algodones for that, so a stop at JoAnn’s Fabric provided some make-do colorful pattern with blue that tied in perfectly with the blue accents in the rest of my yard.

After trimming my pygmy palm I decided it needed some allure for the holidays, so I adorned it with three strings of lights which will provide a welcoming glow to nighttime al fresco dining and entertaining. Most of our neighbors are all set to arrive by early next week and I’m sure the parties will start in earnest soon thereafter.

With no room left on the lot, Marc parked my car in the street and proceeded to play shade tree mechanic with a bunch of maintenance items—new brakes, new belts, tire rotation, oil change. Walkers of the neighborhood looked a little askance as they passed by, some even offering to bring over their cars too; while Marc was just happy to be back amongst his tools.

His to-do list is quite extensive after finishing with my car. There is maintenance on the Freightliner as well and then the major axle renovation to the fifth wheel. Both trailers need new steps built which he will do out of welded metal so they don’t rot so rapidly in the desert sun. The fire pit needs a brick stand built under it and a buried gas line run to it. Let’s see…I’m sure more will come to mind soon. Vacation? What vacation!