And the road goes on forever...

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Just a Relaxing Weekend

As is normal right after we do a big move, we face work each day exhausted before we start. We both missed a little time due to some rain and I had some health issues which cut short my day Friday and caused me to endure a quiet weekend. In actuality, it has felt good to just relax inside our cozy abode as we watch the dark skies, raindrops and wind pummel outside. Can you smell the fresh apple crumble baking in my oven? The one downside is that I didn’t get out to enjoy the fall colors and now they are quickly being driven to the ground.

I am surveying a large industrial/commercial section which has required long walks along the mains.

There is also a transmission line which shows up on my map and although I was able to do a tiny section of it, if required to do the entire thing, it will have to be mown first. I took these pictures along the section I did with some beautiful views.

The advantage of working in a smaller town like Rapid City is that our fuel bills have dropped drastically over our previous assignment as we’re within five miles of home. Marc has encountered a major disadvantage in his downtown assignment however—he has trouble finding free parking into which the Freightliner will fit.

Although it is due to get quite cooler this next week we’re hoping we get done with the rain this weekend so it doesn’t cut short our days. We don’t get paid when it rains. Our RV park has drastically cleared out and we are now one of only about six rigs left here. It’s proven to be as quiet as we thought and we have enjoyed the relaxed pace.