And the road goes on forever...

Thursday, July 8, 2010


A friend called me a restless soul the other day in an email to me; bolstering my spirits. The word “itinerant” also comes to mind. (a person who travels from place to place with no fixed home). I feel as though we are at a crossroads that sometimes I would rather not have faced. Yes, we thankfully and mercifully finally have a job, but on the other hand we have to leave what we just wanted to build: a life in Yuma on our own property amongst friends. So now we will be back to supporting two places but on much reduced income from what we used to enjoy.

I keep saying I don’t have the answer and I don’t. I seem to go from pillar to post (as the saying goes) battered by the headwinds of a terrible economy, to the point where I have lost track of myself. What do I want? I was so inured to the dejection of the days that I didn’t even dare to hope, so I can’t honestly say what I want. What an age to be lost in life, eh? I thought this only happened to teenagers.

So it is with misgivings that I leave Yuma and take back to the road. Our cat is going to be hating life; cooped up all day in the RV by himself in (worse yet!) an RV park where he can’t roam nor even set foot outside without being leashed. He loves our lot here so much it will almost be like animal abuse to yank him away. He lies under the palms; he lazily chases lizards; he goes out as he pleases. Our time will be regimented; show up at this time, leave at that time, go home and then arise and do it all again the next day. The saving grace may be the lure of the road; the sights unseen that beg to be seen. We won’t know until we try. Wish us well; we’re on our way!