And the road goes on forever...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Countdown

Time has a way of slipping away when we least expect it and we find ourselves on the final countdown of our time in Coos Bay. Well, I am in Coos Bay until next week at least; Marc is already heading down Nevada’s highways south to Yuma with our first load.

The park model is still in great disarray given that everything must be emptied out and taken down. We are loading boxes into our motorcycle cargo trailer which will then be taken to Bend, unpacked and transferred into another storage type trailer which will be placed on our lot. That will make the trip to Yuma on top of Marc’s long flatbed trailer. If you’re thinking this man has lots of trailers you’d be right: I think the count is something like ten of them!

In between the bouts of work and dodging the coast’s recent spate of nearly constant rain, we enjoyed an evening’s barbecue with our friends Paul and Virginia over some T bone steaks and a bushel of fresh oysters. Boy, we’re sure going to miss the seafood!