And the road goes on forever...

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Wichita Falls Railroad Museum

The Wichita Railroad Museum ( is an open air collection of Pullman cars, two engines and two cabooses in a state of on-going renovation and development. It doesn’t cost but they do request donations and one has the chance to wander at will in most of the cars. Restoration seems haphazard, some parts of the cars are done quite well yet another portion might have a jumble of modern junk just lying about. We can now cross one of our four things to do in Wichita Falls off the list.

Just two blocks down the empty streets from the railroad museum we took time to snap a few pictures of the world’s littlest skyscraper, currently having been expanded to house an antique store. Built in the 1920’s during the oil boom, it was to have been Wichita Fall’s first skyscraper and the solution to much needed office space. It was however, the result of a $200,000 stock fraud in which the architect presented the blueprints measured in feet but actually built it in inches. The building measures 10 feet wide, 18 feet deep, 30 feet tall with access to the four floors only by a ladder-like staircase. The thief absconded in the night and the much beloved building has been placed on the Texas register of historical structures.

We finished up our Saturday foray with lunch at a pizza joint and have been hiding in the room under the a/c ever since.