And the road goes on forever...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Change in the Plans

Today Marc & I drove our car once more to the Dallas airport to pick up another rental vehicle for Marc to use. Due to some family issues, it is important that I return to Bend much quicker than we had planned. That also means of course, that Marc won’t get to travel back with me, so he will be faced with flying back to Oregon on September 8th.

I will load up and be out of here very early this Sunday, varying my return route slightly to avoid the eastern part of Colorado and especially Denver. Instead, I will cut through the mountainous southern portion of Colorado to connect with I-15 south of Salt Lake City. It only adds about another 55 miles so should still put me back in Bend in four days of travel. I will plan to update the blog as time and internet connection will allow, although we have no connection in Bend.

Wichita Falls has gotten lots of rain lately! We awoke yesterday morning to news of closed and flooded streets and highways after it dumped about 12 inches of rain overnight with a stalled-out storm. Rain has continued off and on today but is due to clear. All too soon, the high heat and humidity will return with a vengeance!