And the road goes on forever...

Friday, August 15, 2008

After the Summer

Marc’s recuperation from his first knee replacement has gone very well and he has been pain free in that leg for the first time since he was in his twenties. The surgeon did such a good job, that Marc figures he had better get the other one done so he can stop limping so badly. Consequently, he scheduled surgery for his left knee replacement for September 16th in Bend, OR where he will recuperate for the first week or two in our RV. Our RV has been in its parking spot on my parent's acreage since May 06 but is now put back together from its major remodel with a new roof, carpet, and new kitchen countertop, stainless sink (to match the appliances) and faucet.

Even though the surgeon gives Marc three months off on disability for recuperation from the rigors of his construction job, there are things he can do shortly after returning to our home place in Coos Bay. Of course, those primarily revolve around the boat and water.
Open ocean crabbing closes at that time of year in Oregon, but the bays remain open so we are already imagining how nice those first Dungeness crab are going to taste. Fall on the Oregon coast; it just doesn’t get any better! We don’t know what will come after, but we shouldn’t have to even think about it until next January and maybe by then the company will have funding for a new project.

So, knowing what is to come makes the current situation a little more palatable, as Marc sits inside his cave of a sea container "office" waiting for the insurance company and city of Wichita Falls to stop fighting over the agenda so he can get on with the job.