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Friday, August 8, 2008

What You Can Expect

With apologies to Texans, but everyone who knows us well knows we dislike this state. As we like to say, our mail may live here (at Escapees in Livingston) but we're sure glad we don't! Yes, the people are nice, but the topography is flat and featureless, the cities (for the most part) decayed, old, and uninteresting, with a total lack of things to do; it's hot and muggy uncomfortable. There are two redeeming features that I've discovered about Wichita Falls so far--the highways and freeways are surprisingly traffic free and flow at the speed limit at all times of day, and there is one area of town that stands out far and above the norm with historical examples of architecture that are simply amazing in this location. I will be writing more about the latter in another post.

We hold out hope we may find enough to do here to write about! Perusing tourist information we have about four choices to occupy our upcoming weekends: there is the Pecan Shed, an orchard location which sells fresh &/or adorned and shelled paper shell pecans; a railroad museum; a local winery; a historic downtown filled with some antique stores which may offer some good photo opportunities. That my friends, is about it. Oh, I did forget the local indoor shopping mall which does feature a Penny's and Dillard's and enough teen clothing shops to put a major dent into any parent's wallet.

So far, our temps have mostly been in 100+ range, which has occurred for over 34 days running. Having come from the coast's 65 max, this is a killer for us. What fun is it to go outside and swelter? Consequently, we live under air conditioning 24/7 which is not our idea of fun.

I hope to update this blog on at least a weekly basis, maybe more, so encourage you to bookmark this spot and check in with us as you can. Once we are in a position to add it to our main website it should get easier to access. As always, we appreciate any comments or questions.