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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Art or Artifice?

Early settlers likely chose Wichita Falls because of the river. It is one of the few north Texas rivers to flow all year, although in its current state it certainly would leave much to be desired from a drinkability standpoint. It meanders slowly through town, about waist deep, and thick as molasses with silt and color.

At one time of course, there was actually a falls at Wichita Falls, hence the name of the town. But about 100 years ago, the falls got washed away. Now I have never heard of this ever happening to a waterfall before so it must have been quite a flood. I guess that must have presented the town with a problem; a namesake that no longer deserves the name….So, in 1986 the original falls was replaced with this 54 foot man-made falls, which sits alongside the freeway in 170 acre Lucy Park. It is about a ½ mile walk down a curvy concrete pathway to reach the falls and I had it to myself during my short visit today.