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Friday, August 15, 2008

The Ordinariness of Wichita Falls

Lest people have the wrong impression from my mansion post I figured it would only be fair to show the ordinary side to Wichita Falls; the way that 80% of the housing stock looks; the way actually, that nearly the entire town looks to a visitor. Streets are broken; homes are old, some in fair repair, some not so. Most vegetation seems pretty withered or at the least heat stressed.

The city strikes one as having seen its better days long past and when Marc was talking to a local it seems that is the case. Businesses have been deserting the town; I have witnessed several store closings, including the major chain Linen & Things during my short time here. Many restaurants are also closed and boarded up, leaving the streets lined with fast food joints as the primarily dinner place of choice. CertainTeed Asphalt Shingle Company is closing its plant here—a huge blow and layoff of approximately 500 employees. If not for the 4500 civilian employees Sheppard Air Force base provides for, you wonder what would become of this town?