And the road goes on forever...

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Orange Love

On a damp morning I wandered into a never before seen neighborhood in Stevens Point the other day to chase colors. One of the things we most appreciate about this area is the way most neighborhoods are not cookie-cutter tiny lot mega-metropolis beehives. People go about their business and lives behind thick screens of forest and woods on large lots and you’d never know homes exist beyond the screen. The road literally meanders about and it’s tranquilly quiet as I roll down my window. Despite being on the city’s doorstep what a pleasant place this would be to live. It’s hard to tell if the color trees were planted or growing wild but the effect is the same. Splendor in the woods.
Town was fairly quiet as I made my way through the Saturday farmer’s market, clicking away and buying a few vegetables. One note I'd like to make about the farmer's markets here: the vegetables are all local from central WI; they do not come from other areas.
It’s still a very pleasant temperature out so I wander town a little, the riverside park with migrating Monarch’s, and marvel in the visual feast of the flower bouquets. At $6 each they are not a splurge I would indulge in, but I sure long to see a big bunch on my table!