And the road goes on forever...

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Fall's Coming

The days here are quickly transitioning into fall. The news report this morning said we may well be on a record track for rain this year and I can believe it. Although we are having some great clear brisk days they are often interrupted by cloudy rainy ones, some of which fall as downpours. I swear we sure didn't have much of a summer, with only a handful of days even reaching mid '80's.

I’ve been a bread baking fool lately since I signed up to provide the Waupaca Humane Society’s bake sale booth at Waupaca's Fall O Rama this Saturday. I’m providing 12 loaves of various flavors to be exact; all of which take just about an hour’s time since I bake them one at a time in the Dutch oven. I had no choice but to make them ahead and freeze them and only hope they thaw and will still be appealing at $4 loaf! Despite the rainy forecast for Saturday I am also slated to man the booth for a shift. 
Next week I committed to helping make up and set up a display exhibit recognizing the Humane Society at the Waupaca Library but just this morning felt as though I could be coming down with a cold. Quick—get the Zicam going! We swear it helps shortstop colds and I certainly hope it works quickly today. Marc has been sick nearly a week since the cold went like wildfire through his workplace. Despite how hectic our schedules have been with the house, he is due to head out again Monday for probably two weeks in the Dakota Territory. Coming up next will be a photo heavy update on the new house.