And the road goes on forever...

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Folks, We Have Started!

The day finally came on our anniversary, the 4th, and now instead of a beautiful green pasture I am able to look out at massive dirt piles and gigantic holes in the ground of our lot. But how exciting to finally be able to walk and imagine exactly where my kitchen is going to sit and the views from various windows. It will only get better from here! I should be able to update again around the 15th when the Blenker crew expects to deliver our house to the lot. It is underway right now in their factory.
Mother Nature gave us a downpour shortly after the excavator finished his work, causing the dirt piles to ooze out onto the grass as though they were volcano flows. Fortunately the soil is entirely sandy loam with nary a rock, so water is quickly absorbed and it didn’t disrupt the setting of the forms the next day. Marc is working on extending the water line from the well head to the house location, all at a depth of 9 feet. The line will be entirely insulated as well, preventing any freeze up despite how harsh of a winter, even one -50 like this last one.
We’re not the only ones in our neighborhood building; a new neighbor just to the rear of us got a head start on his large home. Since ours is significantly smaller, maybe we'll catch up!