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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

More Fall

I would have updated the blog before this but Marc’s cold decided to jump ship and infect me and make my life twice as miserable as when it visited him. I have had lots of congestion that just refuses to budge, leading to searing headaches, so I lost much of last week. In fact, although I was able to quickly run my twelve loaves of bread over to the gals at the bake sale at Fall o Rama, I was unable to do my shift at the booth. I was really sorry for that since it looked like it was going to be a really fun and gregarious day. The setup in the early hours after the morning’s rain looked like there would have been lots of handmade items to explore at all the booths. And who wouldn’t want to try some of those deep fried Cheese curds?
Meanwhile on the house front, Marc worked late every night until after dark so he was absolutely beat by the time he left for North Dakota. The basement got poured; the framework of the stairway is installed (not the treads); the roof trusses were lifted by him and secured by the crew; and the sheeting and ice shield are in place. His last task was to finish wrapping the water line so that is all ready for when the excavator does his backfill. After slipping and sliding on the 6/12 roof pitch Marc made a good judgment call and decided to have Blenker’s “kids” do the roofing. In addition, during his absence, they should also get the front porch installed and roofed as well. That will change the looks substantially.
In between off and on rain storms we are having spectacular fall days with perfect temperatures in the mid 60’s-70’s. This is just a stellar time of year in Wisconsin and reminds us of how much we love living here. I can hardly wait to feel better so I can get out on some photo drives. They are starting to harvest the corn; all the farmer’s veggie stands are still going strong; and the trees are starting their annual ritual of flaming out in a blaze of glory.