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Friday, April 29, 2011

Blooming Season II

I’ve gathered a few more pictures on my walks around the neighborhood since it’s such a colorful time right now. I am still waiting on the emergence of the hoped-for wildflower abundance earlier rain should be bringing. Right now though we are gearing up for our second bout with 100 degree temps of the year—a harbinger of many more to come. Marc finally finished getting the large a/c unit back into the bedroom window for more comfortable sleeping at night. He had thought about cutting holes in the side of the park model to permanently mount the two a/c units but there just really isn’t a conducive wall space to do so, so he just hung them more or less on a temporary basis again in the only two windows into which they would fit. Everything is minuscule scale in a park model.

We spent the past weekend finalizing the total enclosure on the front porch which makes a nice little retreat from which our cat cannot get out. It’s a great spot to watch the mountains and catch a breeze with a cup of morning coffee. Next up will be a permanent set of stairs with a landing. We spent a quiet Easter with Marc taking on cooking duties by smoking a large ham and two whole turkeys. These we cut up and break down for freezing, making for quick and efficient meals later on. In fact, do tonight’s smoked turkey tostadas sound good?

Of all the colorful yards around here, this home takes the cake! I just happened to catch it perfectly one morning with a steady breeze making the flag fly. One wouldn’t think roses would do well in such a merciless climate but this guy has hundreds of them.

I always love these purple flowered trees. This one blooming alongside the Palo Verde caught my eye.

Chollas, of which there are many varieties, are some of the nastiest of cactus, growing reproductive balls of thorns which literally jump off the plant when anything brushes near. The needles are so fine they are like hair and virtually impossible to remove, remaining finely imbedded in skin like the slenderest of splinters. Their vibrant fuchsia flowers are sure pretty though.

The same holds true about some of the prickly pear type cactus as you can see the fineness of the “hair” thorns.

Life in Yuma remains on the same trajectory for us, albeit a little warmer. Too soon, it will have us existing inside almost exclusively.