And the road goes on forever...

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Desert Wind

It’s come in blustering the last two days but keeping temperatures oh so cool. What a welcome relief this time of year, despite the gusts. We can keep the door wide open just like all winter and enjoy life without air conditioning. The wind isn’t enough to stir up all the dust (11 mph sustained, gusts to 13 mph) but just enough to clear out the air so my morning walk showed a fine relief to the cutting edge of the mountains. That was further enhanced by no one else being visible in the street relief of the landscape—they are all escaping to climates farther north, where as friends tell us, it is still COLD. Our last northern neighbor is escaping tonight to head back to North Dakota. My boondocking cousin outside of Goldfield, NV has had highs of only 49-57 degrees so far. Are you sure you’re correct in heading north yet, Cousin?