And the road goes on forever...

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Only in Yuma!

It was party time again last evening, as Ron and Jan, our neighbors across the street, threw happy hour for the last time this snowbird season. You will note Jan holding a drink her daughter-in-law invented for their sports bar, Brewers. Liking jalapenos a whole bunch, Courtney decided to slice a couple up and throw them into a bottle of Limon Bacardi Rum. Let steep for a few days. Then drink straight shots. It is surprisingly smooth and delicious! So under warm Arizona desert air, we enjoyed margaritas, bourbon slushies, and various other adult beverages and had a merry old time.

I am still engaged with helping the seniors in my volunteer position with Helping Hands and watching the parade of RVs now taking flight and snaking their way across all compass points as they leave Yuma for another year. I now understand how we came to the term “snowbirds” since they really do appear to all take flight at once, just like a flock of birds. Within a few weeks our neighborhood will once again be almost barren of life.

Yes, we are still here and likely will be at least for a few more weeks. Marc got a referral to help a guy out with some remodel work and he’s also engaged in doing a welding project on a gate for a friend of a friend. And, the axle project still needs more tweaking. As long as there is work to be had, we’ll remain. After that, we still don’t exactly have in mind where we will head; only a vague generalization until we do further “heart to heart” conversations about what comes next with our mixed up life.