And the road goes on forever...

Thursday, April 14, 2011


We got a short reprieve from Yuma’s torrid pace of summer-like heat after setting a record 101 degrees on April 1st. One night we even enjoyed a gentle rain falling most of the night which will surely bring a surge of wildflowers in about a month. I’ll look forward to that since it looks like we will still be here!

I’ll repeat to you my pleasure at working with the seniors that I meet, transporting them around town, mainly to doctor’s appointments. They never cease to amaze and tickle me. It is a true honor to work with them helping them in my own little way, so to that end I have decided to test the water with my own business. Naming my service, “Like a Great Neighbor” Housekeeping and Senior In-Home Care I hope to gain enough referrals to maintain some sort of income stream. Only time will tell, of course, how this will turn out or become a complete flop but since I am here and think I see a need, I might as well try, yes?

My own senior mother celebrated her 84th birthday without us but at least my daughter was able to drive over from Portland for a visit and nice dinner, even though Mom had to bake her own birthday cake! She maintains she is doing well all considered, but also says that she is very lonely and without purpose. I see that a lot with the seniors I work with—I sure wish there was someone like me in Bend to stop by and check in on my mom. Maybe it is some guilt that now drives my passion to work with these seniors but all I know is that it feels good. What I can't do for my own mother, I can do for them. That’s enough for now.