And the road goes on forever...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lanquid Days

We’re in the lull before the storm, although literally it has been very rainy here the past few days. It’s just a little too early to tear apart and pack up but we thankfully sold our large shed today; to a fellow RV neighbor who also has intentions to take over this site by October. Marc will build in a floor and either leave it here on this site or cart it over to her other space just across from us. Either way—a very easy fix for what we had thought would be a much more arduous process of selling it to a friend who lives in northern California which would have required several days of Marc’s time to deliver, a large fuel expense and even purchase of overload trip permits in two states due to its size. Something finally went right!

Despite the languid pace of the days, this month has passed quickly for us. Soon enough it will be the day for the memorial service for Marc’s dad, when the entire family is expected, and then we can begin in earnest our final passage from Coos Bay. I’m not sure there is anything too thrilling to blog about a major move but I’ll try and check in here to keep you all appraised of our whereabouts. Before departing permanently, I have plans to visit daughter Rachael in Washington at the end of March so maybe we’ll think of some interesting things to occupy ourselves.