And the road goes on forever...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Big Change

Driving back into the moist sea air from a quick trip over to Bend it occurs to me how much I will miss portions of living at the coast. Our time here is winding down. Despite our best attempts to sell our park model where she sits in this lovely RV park, it just doesn’t appear that will be her fate. We are starting to collect bids from transport companies for the long move to Yuma, AZ.

“Hunker down” is a term Marc is using frequently; and hunkering down on our lot in Yuma is what appears to be in our immediate future. The process of moving not only the park model and all its contents (which must be removed and moved separately) but a lot of our other possessions currently in storage in Bend is almost more than we want to consider. Just moving some of our rolling stock will likely involve four round trips of 2400 miles each. This could involve the better part of three months by the time things are torn down on this end and moved in and reset at the other end. Yuma will be the park model’s final resting place so Marc is contemplating placing it on a foundation and perhaps we will even add on to it, doubling its square footage in case it has to become our permanent home. We have a myriad of plans yet the feeling of not much time. Somewhere in all this, we still need to find jobs as quickly as we can.

I’ll apologize in advance if the blog gets a little too boring or mundane; soon to leave the mist covered forested slopes and pounding surf of the left coast for the barren desert beneath our favorite mountain in Yuma. One more giant step on the journey; and yet one more giant change in our lives—to desert dwellers. We look forward to the challenge and to making our lives different and better. It’s a good thing it never occurs to us that we may be getting too old for this stuff.