And the road goes on forever...

Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Simple Picnic; a Turbulent Ocean

The overlook at Cape Arago beckoned tourists and appeared like a ruin atop the sea cliff on the coast of Scotland as they gazed out over the swelling rollers. Alas, we’re not in Scotland but just outside Coos Bay on this marvelously sunny day to enjoy a rare picnic at our favorite table. Since its wet from recent rains we move up the hill to a drier table in full sun and allow other strangers to take it over.

A walk is in order afterwards, where we wander apart; me taking photos and Marc talking on the phone to a friend. From there we drive to the docks at Charleston to continue taking more pictures and enjoying the bountiful sunshine, which we haven’t seen enough of this winter. The Beach masters have taken over one end of a dock and nosily announce their quarrelsome presence to all who approach. I will have more of their photos in another post. Today was just what the doctor ordered!