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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mistress Moon and Her High Tides

The tides have been so high and some of the storms so fierce on the Oregon coast this winter that it has literally been changing the landscape of my favorite place to walk; the Charleston quay. Some major chunks of the sheltering sea grass dunes have been washed out to sea, leaving behind jagged jetty rocks and abrupt cliff faces. Access to the small beach is no longer an easy traverse across a sand berm but now entails rock-hopping the huge boulders used as support for the quay.

Those seas have affected our crabbing as well; with the higher tidal swings, the current is often running 3-4 knots, pulling the floats under and making it hard for the crabs to enter the pot to try and feed. Instead of an easy two limits like we were catching before, we now are down to less than one limit. With angry seas, the bar is often closed, even to the big commercial boats, and the premier seafood market ran out of Dungeness the other day—a first to have happened that I can recall. We’re very ready for winter to be over!

Marc completed the shed floor and got it off the trailer and installed under the shed with his buddy Paul’s help the other day. Our buyer elected to want to leave it right in this space thus making it the easiest way out for us which we greatly appreciated.

Since then, Marc has returned to Bend with the flatbed trailer to work on some things there, including trying to track the problem with the generator fix and getting another one of our trailers unloaded of the Goldwing and ready to bring back over so we have a dry place to store all the contents of the park model. Once he returns, the pack-up of the park model will start in earnest. We are aiming for the transport company to do their pickup on April 2nd if all goes according to plan.