And the road goes on forever...

Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Problem With RVs...

is that their repair and maintenance is never-ending. Earlier I had written about the tire trouble we had coming to Yuma—the very scary hula we did down Hwy. 95 towing the car—on brand new tires. Not satisfied with their performance (who but a fool would be) Marc worked with Les Schwab over the course of several phone conversations to finally get the go-ahead to find replacements.

Figuring he could make just as many mistakes as the experts or maybe even not so many, he decided this time on what kind and size tire he wanted. The new back tires are four inches taller and an inch wider than the previous Michelin’s and they are also 16 ply traction tread. We’re flyin’ with the big boys now; these babies are huge.

The first steps involved getting the Freightliner jacked up in his workspace, the street, to remove the Michelin’s. Next, time to break down the tires, remove and put the new tires on the wheels. Then to the mounting—ut oh, they don’t seem to want to go on.

With much effort and removal of the wheel well strip guard, they grudgingly went on. A quick shot mid-change shows the difference in size to good advantage. Too tired to accomplish mounting both sides, he leaves the other side for the next day. Now tell me the last shot isn’t of a man who has worked himself to the bone-tired point and is definitely feeling the pain!