And the road goes on forever...

Friday, February 13, 2009

A Good Friend Visits

With my best friend Paulette in tow, we all headed into Algodones, Mexico on a cool Tuesday morning to snare some eye glasses. Two hours later and $150 lighter, Marc had obtained a close-vision and a distance-vision pair and I had obtained a distance pair of sunglasses. The service was courteous and at least a 50% discount from stateside prices. While waiting the two hours we enjoyed tasty fish tacos at a back street stand; shopped for a gewgaw to hang on our privacy wall and ended up with a lovely hand cut and welded tin sun. At least, person after person came up to tell us it was beautiful as we stood taking turns holding it, in the two hour exit line from Mexico.

Having Paulette visit was a special treat; since she lives in California it is not often we get to spend any length of time together. I used our hand dug Coos Bay Oregon clams for freshly-made clam chowder and we had our tenants Lois and Dale, and neighbors Ron and Jan over for a wine party. As the evening drew ever darker, fire starter Marc fired up the fireplace to get rid of some scrap wood.

We put Paulette’s plant expertise to good use as I had her accompany me to the local nursery in search of a climbing vine which should curl into our dead tree and hopefully along the privacy wall in the future.

Marc and I got it planted and started the hunt for more suitable rocks to add to this section of landscaping. It’s always an adventure boulder-searching! Now we just have to figure out how to place them. Um, Marc thinks he needs one more even larger one….