And the road goes on forever...

Sunday, February 1, 2009

An Arizona Evening

Evenings in the Arizona desert are special, especially when shared with good neighbors and friends and the party atmosphere we found ourselves in last evening. Patty and Stan from Libby, MT, who have the casita just down the street, invited everyone over for chili, brats and sauerkraut with a “bring a snack and BYOB” spur of the moment invitation. That’s the way things seem to happen around here and everyone does fine with the informality.

Even though the days have been pretty warm lately, by evening it cools down. We all settled in for delicious appetizers, fun conversations and the enjoyment that comes from a gathering such as this. Later on, the fire added just the right touch to the cool night as that camaraderie continued on well past dark.

Thanks for a wonderful time!