And the road goes on forever...

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Well, we haven’t exactly been doing “nothing”, but it’s dang close. At least for me. I injured my middle toe this past Monday (thankfully after I had gotten the week’s groceries) and haven’t been able to put on a shoe besides my sandal slides since. My walks and any plans I had to go anywhere came to an abrupt halt as the toe swelled to about twice size and throbbed whenever I stood on it.
Even Marc has been looking for things to do as all the lot projects seem to have wound down and been completed for this trip. We had a certain budget we were working with and most things have been accomplished. We still have plans to do more with some landscaping and an eventual outdoor kitchen but all that is for later. Right now, it’s just as we want it. Yeah…the digging is over!

So the days pass languidly, soaking up the sunshine and now looking ahead to the next few weeks when we will leave for Oregon around the middle of March. Oregon will not be a permanent destination for us in March however as we will leave the fifth wheel here and return the first part of April. The exciting news is that daughter Rachael is getting married on March 28th in Washington and we can’t miss her elopement! In case Marc should snare a job in another state, we figure leaving from Yuma with the rig is much more central and less costly for fuel than leaving from Oregon. So, we’ll wait it out here in Yuma for as long as we can stand the forthcoming heat.

Things in Yuma are still jumping; it is the height of the snowbird season and every lot is jammed with a full array of RVs. Stores are crowded and our block throws party after party. We had a slight cold spell for a couple weeks when temperatures fell into the 60’s but now we are back in the 80’s again so definitely able to enjoy fully opened windows and doors. Bring it on! The Pacific Northwest is still gloomy and cold.