And the road goes on forever...

Sunday, October 19, 2008

We Sluiced Them!

Zoom…”Marc, I think this float plane looks like he’s aiming right for us.” “That’s not a float plane; it’s an ultra light” he notes as the waving pilot clears us by about 50 feet off our port side and flies on. We’re out on the bay crabbing today in mild wind and it reminds me of just one more reason why it always pays to have the camera along.

Crabbing was spectacular today; the best it has been for us all year and reminds us of how it typically used to be when we were here in 2003 and always came back with our limit. After setting the pots, Marc sets the anchor as we bob patiently waiting for the 45 minutes we allot for the crab to get trapped. When it’s time to pick them up, he is amazed with the first pull; even more amazed with the second and third. Keepers swarm the bottom of the bin as Marc sorts them. Six pots and we already have our limit and can head back. The crabs are large and full for the most part.

After washing the boat and motor, the crab get killed and then cleaned. Marc gets the large boiler going, the one he has made out of an old stainless steel beer keg. Twenty minutes later we have a mountain of crab to clean; deciding to give four to our RV park owner since they were kind enough to have invited us to dinner tomorrow night at their new home. Today’s take: retail, about $200-240. See what you’re missing?