And the road goes on forever...

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Now that we’ve lighted one place long enough we are getting some computer work done and just finished updating our main web site, Itchyhitch. For your convenience you will now find a new link to this blog directly on our main site.

We also were able to add previously written entries and videos; you will find a new Fulltime Journal entry here: Dancing with the Rain along with its accompanying photo story of our life at the beach. You will need a high speed internet connection to watch this as file size is approximately 20MB. In addition, there is another Wing video under the Wingin It page on May Bike Trips entitled “What About Me”. This link will directly open a media player (if one is available on your computer) for viewing a great ride we enjoyed one warm day through central and eastern Oregon.

It’s nice to be all caught up!