And the road goes on forever...

Friday, October 10, 2008

Beautiful October

Today is one of those pristine coastal days that make one glad to be alive—what clouds there have been quickly scudding across the sky to leave it sparkling blue. Since it is supposed to remain mostly ok in the weather department I think we have decided to try the boat camping within the next few upcoming days so keep your eyes peeled for an update of a unique nature. Marc says he can’t imagine why I would want to do such a thing but he is game! I told him sitting around a fire with a jug of wine and the sound of the surf very close might be a huge stress reducer. With the way the economy is going and the recent loss of his job and insurance, any method for stress reduction is probably a good thing.
Marc’s out helping his buddy Paul wire his house today. Since Paul is the one who originally got Marc into the business of being a Superintendent by taking Marc on as his assistant to learn the ropes, we owe him a deep debt of gratitude. Maybe a $2000-3000 gratis wiring job on his new home will help repay the debt. Meanwhile, Marc also continues physical therapy three times a week.