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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Crabbing With the Dad

Our weather has been holding spectacularly this fall on the coast although the day dawned with the typical fog ceiling which lent a grey cast as we had Marc’s dad drive south from Florence to join us for crabbing. By 10 a.m. we were launched and out on the glassy bay. Several boats were already there before us, sucking up the prime closer-to-shore string line Marc prefers. “I’m in 26 feet”, I yelled back as Marc launched the first of nine pots overboard. It was time for coffee!
The big Coast Guard ship glided smoothly by as Marc got ready to pull the first pots. Since the tide was ripping in, the first pulls were not all that good. That’s ok; Marc had two buckets of dead tuna heads for bait and we had plenty of time to try again. Repositioning some of our pots, the second pull was much better. Dick took his turn at the crab puller with Marc nearby giving guidance. After lunch on the water, bobbing, and our third pull we were ready to head for the dock with 27 crabs. A great haul! Now for all the work of picking them. Thanks for coming Dick!