And the road goes on forever...

Saturday, September 6, 2008

North to Washington

It’s a spectacular day sitting on the corner of a relatively quiet street in Steilacoom, WA where my daughter and I are grabbing a snack and a cool drink after shopping all morning. The view of the ferry dock and sound are sublime and it is nice to imagine being able to live in such a setting with expansive water views.

I have come to DuPont to help my daughter with some health issues and it’s been a hectic few days which makes the street side break all the more welcome. Steilacoom reminds me of some of the small towns of the San Francisco bay area, clinging to gently swelling hillsides, covered in well tended gardens and flowers—each house with spotlessly clean windows taking in the vast views. The car ferry sits rusted at dock but used daily to ferry residents across to Anderson Island. A short hop up the two lane road finds towering fir treed wilderness stretching to the perimeter of Ft. Lewis military base. Life here must be nice.

I head back to Bend tomorrow and eagerly look forward to Marc’s return Monday about 4:30 as his flight gets in to Redmond from Texas. He is anxious to be done with Texas even though his surgery soon looms.